I offer two session types:

  • The Half Day ($225) - can be up to 3-4 hours long, and is my most popular session, allowing enough time for both a wardrobe and location change, adding variety and depth to our final product.
  • The Full Day ($375) - can be up to 6-8 hours long. Don't let the numbers scare you! This session is designed for families who are looking for me to photograph them at their favorite beach, skiing the slopes, or hiking the peaks of the Catskills; anywhere within a two hour drive of Manhattan. 

During any session, breaks can be taken as necessary, to accommodate snacks, mood adjustments, etc., paving the way to a very relaxed experience for all involved.

Please call or email to discuss any proposals that may fall outside the time or travel parameters outlined here.

Both sessions include client consultations, both before and after the shoot, location scouting, shooting time, and all post production (editing, photoshop, online gallery).


A La Carte

3"x5"  $15

5"x7"  $25

8"x12"  $45

10"x14"  $65

11"x16"  $85

12"x18"  $105



St Helens $130   1 8"x12", 4 5"x7"

Hood $185   1 10"x14", 2 8"x12", 2 5"x7"

Whitney $250   1 11"x16", 2 8"x12", 4 5"x7"

Kilimanjaro $500   1 12"x18", 2 10"x14", 4 8"x12", 6 5"x7"



In my experience, beautiful art, framed, and hung on the wall, can bring warmth to a room, making a house or apartment feel more like a home. Whether large or small, it can compliment, or dominate, the space, be a conversation starter, or evoke a happy memory.

I offer my images in the following sizes:

8"x12"  $144

10"x14"  $210

11"x16"  $264

13"x19"  $370

All prints, both portrait and fine art, are individually retouched to bring out the best in each image, and printed upon archival paper for longevity. I offer matte and semi-gloss finish paper.

This represents my basic pricing structure. If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact me at rob@robjenkinsphotography.com

Please note, for portraiture, the session fee is due at time of the shoot. Print payments, for both portraits and Fine Art, are due only upon delivery of final product.