Like a good symphony, I like to conduct business in three movements.

We will begin with a meet and greet. This is where we get to take care of all the details, giving us a chance to talk about specific things you may want to see captured during the shoot and discuss elements such as locations and timing, props, activities, clothing choices, etc. Most importantly, it will give me the opportunity to meet the people I will be photographing, so that when shoot day comes around, I am not just a stranger with a camera!

Next comes shoot day itself. Above all, this should be relaxed and fun! Based on our meet and greet conversation, we will have an idea of dream shots we are aiming for, and a rough schedule for the day. Of course, I embrace spontaneity! Our shoot could be full of energy or quiet and serene, laughing and smiling or serious and thoughtful, the instances where we are being uniquely ourselves. These are the moments of serendipity I aspire to capture for you, providing images that resonate.

Presentation of the results will be in an online gallery. From here, you can select the images you would like to have printed, share the gallery with family and friends, even post a link to your favorite social media site. All printing is done in-house, on a beautiful matte surface, heavyweight, archival paper stock, giving you prints that will last a lifetime.

We will wrap everything up with delivery of your final artwork. This can be at your home, or your favorite coffee house, wherever you feel comfortable. The moment of truth, and my favorite part of the entire shoot, is watching your response upon seeing your finished prints.

I wonder, what will your reaction be?